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December 07, 2007



Sorry - while they are certainly not the most Hideously Ugly Shoes ever, they are not what I would call pretty. Did you really buy two pairs of these? And did they actually come in another color?

I am by no means a fashion maven either, which is precisely why we need stylish daughters around to help keep us from bad mistakes. So here's what I suggest: A fashion mistake prevention plan. If you don't have one, upgrade to a cell phone that takes pictures. Then - right from the store - you can send Rachel a photo of your anticipated purchase, and she can advise you on the spot.

lenore glickhouse

As a member of the family by marriage with the fashion gene, they are not your worst mistake. However, can you return one or both pairs? Do whatever you can, but get them off your feet and out of your closet, even if it means a credit. Rachel will be home eventually!



Kate is right. Technology is useful for this very reason. While they may not be the ugliest in the world, in my opinion clogs are always a no, unless you are clog dancing in Holland or something. But it looks like you spilled something on them already so you probably won't be able to take that pair back, but at least take the other one. See I can help even from afar!


Yeah, pretty bad. Try to take them back. My youngest, 24, is the world class shopper. I can only benefit from her wisdom a few times per year.


Those are horrible. Get rid of them immediately. They will make you look old, and who wants that?

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